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Zonia - Definitely elegant!

Who and what is Zonia?

You would say Zonia is the online store where you can buy safe and fast elegant women’s clothes for any occasion.

The truth is that Zonia, launched on the market as early as 2012, is a lot more.

Zonia is you, the modern woman in constant transformation.
Zonia is the admiration you receive through your sensuality.
Zonia is the courage to be you and let the outfits talk about your personal style.
Zonia is the opportunity you take through clothing to transform every moment into a memorable event.
Zonia is the confidence to be you and let your clothes speak about you.
Zonia are the wings of joy that gently touch the souls of those who glance at you.
Zonia is the metamorphosis of the butterfly, it is the confidence you radiate and that shapes into  wings of the joy of being, while wearing your favorite outfit.

 Zonia’s Collections

We are specialized in outfits for parties knowing that for you special events build the emotion of pleasant memories.

Our product range expands and adapts to your style. Season by season, we bring  new fashion outfits, for business or parties, so you can always find in the clothing resource suiting your style. That's why we are constantly increasing our collections with office and casual clothes, as we know that everyday of your life is special.

The quality of the products is a priority for us,  over 1000 clothing articles of the online shop are produced in Romania and in the European Union’s countries. Within our collections you find a wide range of well-tailored clothes made with high-quality fabrics.

Buying online from Zonia you have the certainty that you receive exactly what you have ordered. The products in the images are instantaneous of the clothes we sell, and each article is described individually. And because we trust the quality of our products, we offer you a free return. We constantly invest in security of online orders, we choose trusted partners to deliver  anywhere in the world, and we offer you flexible means to quickly return money when situations occur.

We challenge ourselves to become better every day and continue to provoke ourselves to be your number one clothing supplier, as we  we are your friend and know your style. We are here to gain your trust through the elegance and the quality of the outfits we provide. And if there is something you wished to be improved about us you can always go to Facebook and share your opinion. We want you to inspire us and you to be the creator of your own outfits.

As a proof that we are taking seriously everything that  we wrote above,  we have been repeatedly nominated as winners of the Fashion E-Commerce Awards Gala. It was because we care for you.
Another proof is the community of over 400,000 fans on Facebook that encourages and motivates us to raise standards, to offer you the most refined outfits and the safest online orders on the fashion category. All for you to be always pleased and happy.  We do  the best it can be done  for you to always feel that you are a part of the large and great Zonia’s family.

More than 300 customers have expressed their opinion about our products and services during lasts months and over 90% of  them have been positive. This encourages us to be better each day, to be your first choice of clothing supplier. We do our best for each of you to happily exclaim: I just got the dress and I'm so happy !!!! ... It is exactly what I wanted ... I will definitely come back again. (Diana D.- Facebook)

The Zonia team

We are young, enthusiastic and in continuous improvement. Wecare for your opinion: we listen with friendship, we answer you professionally.

Zonia is the friend who knows your clothing style and who delivers women's outfits to suit your style. Safely, in the shortest time possible and definitely elegant!

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